Most Severe Type of Parental Alienation

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The most severe type of parental alienation is perpetrated by High Level Brainwashers (HLBs).

These parents are ruthless in their efforts to eliminate the ex from the child’s life. They spend years spinning tales of woe of what the ex did, labeling the ex every derogatory name imaginable, and doing everything possible to deny the ex physical access to “their” child.

Below is a list of the dominant characteristics and behaviors of HLBs:

-They dwell on the sins of the past. They simply cannot forgive any past grievances and ‘move on.’

-They are revenge-minded. They will commonly say things like, “I don’t get mad, I get even,” or “You’ll pay for this.” They have anger and aggression issues, and enjoy the suffering of children whom they’re supposed to protect

-They are deeply unhappy people. Overall happy and positive people don’t dwell on negatives or allow past wrongs to weigh them down

-They have one or more psychological disorders. Bipolar, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, anxiety disorders, etc

-They are frequently on medications like antidepressants to stabilize their negative moods

-They were abused or neglected as as children. The roots of an HLB’s bulldozing, narcissistic ways goes back to a dysfunctional childhood

-They are extremely selfish people. They are bad listeners, first and foremost.

-They are capable of completely disregarding the welfare of the child if it suits their own needs

-They view child as a possession. Ownership of and control over the child. They will micromanage the child’s life in the extreme

-They abuse the child on other levels. HLBs frequently physically and/or sexually abuse children as well. In short, they have no boundaries

-There is one final trait of the truly worst HLBs, and that is their narcissism. Narcissists are the absolute worst abusers and are true evil-doers at their core. They all lack a conscience…

HLBs are professionals at wrecking parent-child relationships, or any other relationship that they deem is a threat. They are masters at turning their perceived victimhood into manipulative lies intent on destroying their own child’s love for the other parent.

This mental child abuse causes lasting scars, even when the child does one day realize the fraud and lies perpetrated onto them (and 90% will).

Former Sudbury Police Cheif

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Oct 10, 2013 Former Greater Sudbury police chief Frank Elsner said he sees many parallels between the Sudbury force and B.C.’s second largest police department.  Elsner said both departments police urban centers where homelessness, mental illness and drugs are challenges that must be addressed with the help of social agencies.
Allegations surfaced in the media in December that Elsner had sent inappropriate Twitter messages and pictures to a colleague’s wife, who was herself an officer in a neighboring jurisdiction.

March 16, 2016 Elsner wants to block efforts to launch an external review into allegations he was having an affair with the wife of an officer under his command.. In documents filed this week in B.C. Supreme Court, Frank Elsner claims the province’s police complaint commissioner doesn’t have the authority to order a second, external review following the completion of a confidential internal probe. Frankie might need less help from lawyers and more help from the mental health social service agencies he praised.
Elsner says his career is over?  Just three months ago on Dec. 12, 2015 he was battling to keep his job, And he still is. To most other people, the saga in Sudbury is staggering. Elsner left Sudbury at the end of 2013 to lead the Victoria police force and has been in hot water ever since taking the dive. That shouldn’t be surprising because relocating when the water begins to boil seems to be par for the course in Sudbury. For example, three CAS Area Directors and three Police Chiefs (probably Liberals) all relocated within the last disparate years. By no means am I implying that Sudbury’s undertaker should resign or relocate. But the function of the Civilian police boards is to write the policies that direct police activity and the chief’s role is to implement those policies — or, in police and CA$ lingo, to “operationalize” those policies for citizens.
Elsner co-operated with the first investigation but only if the investigation and outcome remained secret and confidential. Elsner even admitted that the secret investigation was fundamentally flawed, yet he claims that he has taken responsibility and that in itself shows leadership on his part.However, during the first secret investigation Elsner (in his leadership role) inappropriately contacted two witnesses, but as strange as it sounds all that was dismissed as irrelevant. Since when is tampering with witnesses irrelevant? Elsner said that he “could never imagine that BC.s police complaint commissioner would commence a second investigation (review) when he had already accepted disciplined for his conduct”. Why not? Elsner already admitted that the investigation was fundamentally flawed. Then this month Elsner filed a public affidavit trying to shut down and silence BC’s police complaint commissioner’s (Lowe) review of that first flawed secret investigation. Manipulating what is confidential (investigation) and what is public (affidavit) is just one of many reason why Lowe should commence a review of the first investigation and then make that review public.
And I don’t think stepping aside with pay is really discipline at all.  A permanent resignation might make the grade plus GSPS and CAS reputations were tarnished long before these investigations. Joseph Hall said it best when he said “A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was”.


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On OCTOBER 5th 2012 Sudbury CAS claimed to be the victim of another crime re: exposing CAS corruption and was prosecuted by Sudbury Crown Attorney Leonard Kim on behalf of the Sudbury CAS JJ Paquette (victim). The purpose of this mock trial was to punish and discourage people from  exposing corrupt authorities.

Wednsday July 13 /11 July 13/11 Sudbury Provincial Offences Office No 1

Wednsday July 13/11 Sudbury Provincial Offences Office No 2
Wednsday July 13 /11 July 13/11 Elm Street Courthouse Office No 3
Wednsday July 13/11 Sudbury Provincial Offences Office No 4
Thursday July 14 /11 July 13/11 Provincial Offences Office No 5
Thursday July 14/11 Sgt. Tim Burt – No. 8
Friday July 15/11 – Part 1 – Elm Street Courthouse No 9

#1 Sept. 21/11 Sudbury CAS Melanie McGraw

#2-Sept.21/11 Janet Lafave McGraw Sudbury CAS

May 9 and May 31, 2012 Sudbury Crown Attorney

July 12/12 Reply from the Judicial Council
August 15/12 Attorney General

Sudbury Tyranny

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Ladies and gentleman our children are being kidnapped our families destroyed and our souls smashed to the ground by these ruthless criminals. Many Judges sit at the head of adoption agencies & Mental health and are receiving illegal kickbacks while laundering funds. Big Pharma is giving kickbacks to Doctors and Politicians. Children are being used to fund Political campaigns. Government workers, elected officials and others are buying stock in Pharmaceutical companies.

CAS has turned into a legal child kidnapping “business”. Their primary goal is to obtain children for the purpose of financial gain. Sudbury CAS receives Funds for every child placed into foster care or kept away from their parents, however, much of the funds that are intended to help children and cover services are being used for personal luxuries and are being misappropriated using Non profit organizations. Look at what they dont want you to know on this site and then say to yourself, your ok with what is happening.

Before Elaina Groves became the Sudbury and Manitoulin CAS’ executive director, she was the legal assistant to Sudbury’s Crown Attorney office.  And that’s probably why Elaina Groves defended Collette Prevost spending $90,000 on motel rooms as “routine”.  Abuses have become routine at CAS and Crown attorney office.

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police. In the past we used to hang the petty thieves, but today we appoint the biggest ones to public office….We want oversight of municipalities, CAS and Police.

Its disturbing to know that Sudbury Service providers (CAS, Police) and their legal teams are not required to heal their dysfunctional aspects in order to become honest and trustworthy people. The prerequisites for corruption political mostly include having enough money and enough powerful people behind the scenes. We desperately need service providers who care more for the common good than for their own self promotion.  Unfortunately, neither our government nor most big service providers (CAS, Police) are based on the spiritual principles of compassion and caring about the common good. I have no doubt that if our government was based on spiritual principles we would not have child exploitation, hunger, homelessness, crime and health problems, that are endemic to our modern society.

Showing the signs of hypoxia, chronic hostility, denial and of oxygen deficiency Sudbury’s legal teams (CAS, Police, Crown) have thoroughly pondered the will of Sudburians and Ombudsman oversight. They have denied Sudburians their will to be put into practice and are a perfect example of why the right to be heard DOES NOT automatically include the right to be taken seriously…Council and their legal teams (CAS, Police and Crown) sounding like borborygmous has started down a slippery slope into a cesspool of self admired flatulence that they expect the tax payer to swallow and frequently puff when they voted out the Ombudsman.. Like holding up a mega phone to a fart, the lack of credibility, excuses and denial – stench emitting from city hall was again demonstrated by the rhetoric word mongering discourse of excuses – which were prepared by the city’s conveniently absent legal team, strengthens the public’s affirmation that the need for a breath of fresh air.

Extreme Police and Court tyranny in Ontario.

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While Toronto and Ottawa streets are occupied by a visible minority group who is rowdy, noisy, disturbing the peace and quiet of neighborhoods, disrupting traffic, blocking emergency vehicles, praising terrorists, showing terrorist flags, spread over several days or weeks they receive the support of the police services,
Meanwhile, F4J Fathers 4 Justice members have faced the tyranny, extremely harsh and severe treatment, of the police in Ontario.
Metro Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, in the May 1, 2009 edition of the Globe & Mail in reference to the Tamil protests: “as citizens of the city and the country, the protesters had the right to demonstrate safely.” He said once the crowd had thinned by yesterday morning, officers were able to clear the roadway without using force, which would have put both officers and protesters at risk.”A lot of people were putting up with a lot of noise, a little bit of disruption and some inconvenience and we’re mindful of that. But we’re trying to strike a balance here too,” Mr. Blair told reporters at police headquarters yesterday morning. “It was an event that was important to that community. And we were there with them,” he said”

Does Chief Blair mean the reason they weren’t dispersed and arrested the same way Fathers 4 Justice members are is because the police support the Tamil protests? That is one meaning of the term “we were there with them”
Lets take the recent example of Bat Girl who, on April 25, 2009  peacefully occupied the Cookstown Outlet Mall water tower. Bat Girl is a mom and grandmother protesting abuse of children on Parental Alienation Awareness Day. The idea is to help create awareness of the abusive conduct perpetrated on children. For climbing the tower, occupying it for several hours unbeknown to anyone, hanging a banner and getting cold she was arrested and charged with mischief.

Does that sound like balance?

On August 8/08 the ETF was dispatched to deal with two dads occupying the roof of Jack Layton’s constituency office. The two hung a banner from the roof in a clearly identified political protest. Their actions interfered with no one.

Chief Blair’s response to two dad’s dressed as comic book superheroes on a roof and one dad on the ground providing communication was to use flash grenades and send one of them for psychological assessments, keeping them in custody for days with strict and costly bail conditions.
Imagine needing the most highly trained police unit in the Metro Police arsenal to tackle one unarmed father on a two story rooftop. Does the term “over reaction” come to mind?
The total time of protest was 12 hours. The 3 participants are still before the courts with serious charges and may get criminal records for wanting to help children and parents suffering after separation or divorce.
On August 27, 2008, The Amazing Ontario Spiderman – Darcy Nogueira – Scaled a 200 foot tower crane at Bayview Avenue in Toronto Ontario. National Coordinator of F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada, Kris Titus, was on scene as media and ground support.

Nogueira and Kristin Titus, described as being polite and cooperative, have each been charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, common nuisance, mischief, mischief interference with property and break and enter for the 45 minute political action in support of a private member motion for equal parenting, a concept supported by 80% of Canadians.

Look at the difference in handling peaceful protest by F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada members compared to the Tamil protests in Ottawa and Toronto that have gone on for weeks disrupting the lives of many with no charges laid in Ottawa and some in Toronto only after the protestors rushed barricades.

As 6 F4J activists prepare for trial in Ontario they ask why there are different standards? Does it mean if you are minority you get to dictate the game plan to the police and affected citizens? If you are a visible minority do you get special privileges because of political correctness?

“It’s like we’ve been saying all along,” says Titus, “who represents the majority in this country, and at what personal cost?”

No totalitarians, no wars, no fears, famines or perils of any kind can really break a man’s spirit until he breaks it himself by surrendering. Tyranny has many dread powers, but not the power to rule the spirit.” – Edgar Sheffield Brightman

CONTACT: Vice President and Legal Director, Hal Legere

National Website for more information about F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada Canada:

May 4, 2009

Not paying attention is downright dangerous airmail writing paper


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MR. PAQUETTE: The argument of that motion is scheduled for the fourteenth, the Society intends on” addressing…

THE COURT: The society is going to…

MR. PAQUETTE: …the matter.

THE COURT: …the society will oppose a cross-examination of Donald Kinsley..

MR. PAQUETTE: That’s….

THE COURT: …by the father of Miss, Miss Poulin-Mikic?

MR. PAQUETTE: Perhaps not. Perhaps it will simply be looking at establishing clear terms and who is going to examine whom…


MR. PAQUETTE: …and for, for how long. In other words there are a number of matters on the table. He’s, he’s applied to, to examine the mother as well.

THE COURT: Yes. And Mr. Kingsley.

MR. PAQUETTE: And Mr. Kingsley. The – – We know that according to the rules a party has a right of examination prior to trial


MR. PAQUETTE: …of one person.


MR. PAQUETTE: Unless of course at perhaps at a trial management  … COURT: Okay.

MR. PAQUETTE: …there’s, there, the…

THE COURT: I think one would probably do

it. . .

MR. PAQUETTE: …the other….

THE COURT: …if, as long as Miss, Miss

Poulin-Mikic informs herself of, of



THE COURT: …considerations Mr. Kingsley

would have, would have arrived at, and that

would be deduced from any affidavit material

he’s filed. But also from checking with him

or speaking to him and ascertaining…


THE COURT: …what his view is.

MR. PAQUETTE: Yes. And, and so.the society

is, is looking into that, and….

THE COURT: Because normally when it’s an

institutional client you take a


MR. PAQUETTE: You have the one person.

THE COURT: …who informs himself or herself

of the, of why the organization is doing or

taking the position it is. MR. PAQUETTE: Right.

THE COURT: You don’t have to examine every person that’s dealt with the file. MR. PAQUETTE: Exactly. And the society would of course want to examine the father and…

THE COURT: Okay. And that stands to reason. MR. PAQUETTE: …and we would, we would see what, what that’s about. And so we are

looking at that very situation right now. I – – And as I say the, there are a number of matters that are before the court on the fourteenth. As is usual we will try to resolve as many of them prior to that time as is possible. THE COURT: Okay. MR. PAQUETTE: And….

THE COURT: Would it not make sense, and it
might, it might eliminate some of these
matters if examinations took place. It
doesn’ t seem. . .

THE COURT: …extraordinary. It’s not often asked for but it’s available to parties. –They just simply don’t go there until trial basically.


THE COURT: But if parties wish to do that it ‘seems, as long as it’s done appropriately that there would(sic) be a, a big problem. And it might just speed—up the whole, make

sure that on the fourteenth things get done …


THE COURT: …with some finality. Otherwise it could go on and on.

MR. PAQUETTE: And, and that’s exactly what

the society is looking at, at this point, so that we could get the examinations for discoveries. The terms would be clear.


MR. PAQUETTE: We could, we could, we could

see who is examining whom…


MR. PAQUETTE: …and at what time so that so

that we can….

THE COURT: What I, what I would do though if

I made the order is put a time limit on it.

I don’t think, you.know, these exams can go

on for ages depending on how ingenious the

examiner is, but I think in, in running any

civil process there has to be some type of

—–reasonable limits, and I would think those

exams should take probably a maximum of three hours, maybe four hours, with two hours being allowed to each party. Believe me that’s, it would make a lot of sense in, in the circumstance and would give the parties


parameters so if they want to ask, go down,
. you know, you know meaningless roads of
inquiry that’s the time, but you have to set
a time so that you know, you get to the
business at hand. But that would make sense
I think. —
MR. PAQUETTE: Well it, it may. And I, I
suppose part, there are two issues. One Mr.
Brouillette is not here today…

Instructions step 1 good listening is very difficult

Sudbury C.A.S.

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C  A  S —–Sudbury CAS and police have a history corruption and secrecy.C.A.S. Bi-Laws

Pure Evil is running Sudbury CAS. Select individuals have been purposely placed in positions of authority, including CAS, the courts, adminsistration, and it doesn’t stop there. There is a Network of evil doers in many different sectors, both private and public; business, court systems and government; all who are connected to CAS to ensure the devious plans are successful.They have devised a “fail safe” method to be able to legally steal helpless children away from loving parents. There is no coincidence or mistakes, families are targeted, systematically broken down and destroyed. Children are pawns, used to have complete control of the parents.It is a multi-million dollar child abuse industry that makes them rich and powerful. One CAS team works on the parents, making sure they are being emotionally tortured; parental right termination hearings to keep them terrified of what will happen, wondering where their child is and begging and pleading with CAS for mercy. Meanwhile another team works on brainwashing the already traumatized child, coaching the child to say their parents had done something bad to them, just so they would quit badgering them for hours at a time. They have been known to tell children their parents don’t want them, they are dead, or have left the province.After the CAS henchmen are finished breaking down the child’s spirit, they have psychologists and psychiatrists evaluate the children and the parents mental health. It’s a set up from the beginning to end, perfectly orchestrated to get the results that CAS is directed to get by the leaders of the Network. This attitude is taught to their employees to avoid accountability. Since they operate as a private entity and private corporation they are protected under corporate law (CAS lawyer Rejean Parise defended Sudbury CAS for violating the corporations act and preventing me from seeing my son) paid for with YOUR tax dollars and donations!   This is by design, the case workers are then protected by authorities, such as Crown attorneys, Lawyers and Judges.  Both our province and Ottawa remain complicate in this illusion by failing to have an audit prepared and completed by the Ombudsman. The great illusion by master magicians is to rob unknowing tax payers of their almighty tax dollars by creating the illusion that they are concerned for our children. The whole notion of accountability by these magicians’ and how they claim to account for and trace how dollars are spent is a complete joke. As CAS is well prepared and groomed before any audit is ordered.

Having the black magicians along with their favorite little puppeticians ready to explain the misuse and misappropriation of funds.This criminal enterprise seems to leave children at high risk in homes, drug addicts and pedophiles that seem to have a very tragic ending ..Its a psychological strategy so the public can see without their intervention. The public needs to wake up and realize this evil empire of child snatchers only has one care to trick the public and receive more Tax Dollars.

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