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C  A  S —–Sudbury CAS and police have a history corruption and secrecy.C.A.S. Bi-Laws

Pure Evil is running Sudbury CAS. Select individuals have been purposely placed in positions of authority, including CAS, the courts, adminsistration, and it doesn’t stop there. There is a Network of evil doers in many different sectors, both private and public; business, court systems and government; all who are connected to CAS to ensure the devious plans are successful.They have devised a “fail safe” method to be able to legally steal helpless children away from loving parents. There is no coincidence or mistakes, families are targeted, systematically broken down and destroyed. Children are pawns, used to have complete control of the parents.It is a multi-million dollar child abuse industry that makes them rich and powerful. One CAS team works on the parents, making sure they are being emotionally tortured; parental right termination hearings to keep them terrified of what will happen, wondering where their child is and begging and pleading with CAS for mercy. Meanwhile another team works on brainwashing the already traumatized child, coaching the child to say their parents had done something bad to them, just so they would quit badgering them for hours at a time. They have been known to tell children their parents don’t want them, they are dead, or have left the province.After the CAS henchmen are finished breaking down the child’s spirit, they have psychologists and psychiatrists evaluate the children and the parents mental health. It’s a set up from the beginning to end, perfectly orchestrated to get the results that CAS is directed to get by the leaders of the Network. This attitude is taught to their employees to avoid accountability. Since they operate as a private entity and private corporation they are protected under corporate law (CAS lawyer Rejean Parise defended Sudbury CAS for violating the corporations act and preventing me from seeing my son) paid for with YOUR tax dollars and donations!   This is by design, the case workers are then protected by authorities, such as Crown attorneys, Lawyers and Judges.  Both our province and Ottawa remain complicate in this illusion by failing to have an audit prepared and completed by the Ombudsman. The great illusion by master magicians is to rob unknowing tax payers of their almighty tax dollars by creating the illusion that they are concerned for our children. The whole notion of accountability by these magicians’ and how they claim to account for and trace how dollars are spent is a complete joke. As CAS is well prepared and groomed before any audit is ordered.

Having the black magicians along with their favorite little puppeticians ready to explain the misuse and misappropriation of funds.This criminal enterprise seems to leave children at high risk in homes, drug addicts and pedophiles that seem to have a very tragic ending ..Its a psychological strategy so the public can see without their intervention. The public needs to wake up and realize this evil empire of child snatchers only has one care to trick the public and receive more Tax Dollars.

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