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Ontario Liberal psychiatrist Sudbury’s Dr. Kumar stated that ADHD kids need access to drugs… as in a drug vending machine…rather than proven alternative methods of treatment!

The decision to prescribe Ritalin is often made by doctors with little or no mental health training and at the request of CA$ or Big Pharma.

I wonder if his pro drug views would be accepted in his home country of India, and where he received the bulk of his medical training. What does Dr. Kumar think they did with these “ADHH” children 20 years ago? We believe Dr Kumar to be completely wrong when he says “there is SOME research evidence that the frontal lobe of the brain is defective”. How many parents have had their kids tested for this “”abnormality” before doctors like Sheila Milne, Elaine Blacklock and Kumar prescribe this drug?

He goes further to say that the “abnormality of the brain” in these children affects their ability to perform complex tasks and functions such as organizational skills; yet these so-called ADHD kids are usually the brightest in the class and usually exhibit these behavior because they are bored and not academically challenged. Therefore we must conclude by his statement “children become bored and then disruptive” that he believes drugging children so they conform rather than offer them a challenging educational environment. Dr. Kumar also fails to disclose that children on Ritalin bring in more funding to school boards and are more likely to abuse drugs as adults.

If anyone is out of touch with reality, its Dr. Kumar, Sheila Milne and other doctors in the Sudbury area that prescribe Ritalin without doing proper tests. For Dr Kumar to state that experts such as the University of Victory and the University of Toronto are not in touch with reality is absurd. When teachers are allowed to score students to recommend them to take Ritalin it is obviously so that the school can receive more funding. They can receive up to $8500 for a child labeled “special needs” and the child receives NO special treatment at school. The only prerequisite for this extra funding is that the child be taking Ritalin.

Statements made by doctor Kumar such as “What are the other options to Ritalin” clearly indicates he is NOT a Ritalin or an ADHD expert. As anyone who has researched ADHD and Ritalin can tell you there are many alternatives to Ritalin. There is also NO evidence that children who are not treated are at high risk for alcohol and drug abuse as claimed by Kumar. In fact the opposite is true! Children suffering stress caused by divorce and access and custody battles exhibit the same symptoms as ADHD. These are the BULK of the children that are labeled ADHD and prescribed Ritalin WITHOUT PRPER TESTING.

Another ridiculous statement Dr. Kumar makes is that “not treating kids with Ritalin will criminalize our society even further”. Dr. Vijay Kumar’s statements are inaccurate and contradictory. Statistics clearly indicate children taking these drugs are more likely to commit suicide. Perhaps Dr. Kumar requires Ritalin to keep his thoughts on track! After all, when it comes to your children who would you trust, the likes of Sudbury’s Sheila Milne, Elaine Blacklock and Dr Kumar … OR Dr Roger McIntyre, head of the Mood Disorder Psychopharmacology Unit at Toronto’s University Health Unit, Health Canada and Allen Cassels, a drug policy researcher at the University of Victory? It seems that the policy in Sudbury is DRUG your children. Beware of doctors and teachers who want to label your child special needs…they have their own interests in mind…..

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