Sudbury Tyranny

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Ladies and gentleman our children are being kidnapped our families destroyed and our souls smashed to the ground by these ruthless criminals. Many Judges sit at the head of adoption agencies & Mental health and are receiving illegal kickbacks while laundering funds. Big Pharma is giving kickbacks to Doctors and Politicians. Children are being used to fund Political campaigns. Government workers, elected officials and others are buying stock in Pharmaceutical companies.

CAS has turned into a legal child kidnapping “business”. Their primary goal is to obtain children for the purpose of financial gain. Sudbury CAS receives Funds for every child placed into foster care or kept away from their parents, however, much of the funds that are intended to help children and cover services are being used for personal luxuries and are being misappropriated using Non profit organizations. Look at what they dont want you to know on this site and then say to yourself, your ok with what is happening.

Before Elaina Groves became the Sudbury and Manitoulin CAS’ executive director, she was the legal assistant to Sudbury’s Crown Attorney office.  And that’s probably why Elaina Groves defended Collette Prevost spending $90,000 on motel rooms as “routine”.  Abuses have become routine at CAS and Crown attorney office.

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police. In the past we used to hang the petty thieves, but today we appoint the biggest ones to public office….We want oversight of municipalities, CAS and Police.

Its disturbing to know that Sudbury Service providers (CAS, Police) and their legal teams are not required to heal their dysfunctional aspects in order to become honest and trustworthy people. The prerequisites for corruption political mostly include having enough money and enough powerful people behind the scenes. We desperately need service providers who care more for the common good than for their own self promotion.  Unfortunately, neither our government nor most big service providers (CAS, Police) are based on the spiritual principles of compassion and caring about the common good. I have no doubt that if our government was based on spiritual principles we would not have child exploitation, hunger, homelessness, crime and health problems, that are endemic to our modern society.

Showing the signs of hypoxia, chronic hostility, denial and of oxygen deficiency Sudbury’s legal teams (CAS, Police, Crown) have thoroughly pondered the will of Sudburians and Ombudsman oversight. They have denied Sudburians their will to be put into practice and are a perfect example of why the right to be heard DOES NOT automatically include the right to be taken seriously…Council and their legal teams (CAS, Police and Crown) sounding like borborygmous has started down a slippery slope into a cesspool of self admired flatulence that they expect the tax payer to swallow and frequently puff when they voted out the Ombudsman.. Like holding up a mega phone to a fart, the lack of credibility, excuses and denial – stench emitting from city hall was again demonstrated by the rhetoric word mongering discourse of excuses – which were prepared by the city’s conveniently absent legal team, strengthens the public’s affirmation that the need for a breath of fresh air.

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