Criminal and Judicial disaster that is unfolding in the Province of Ontario

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The Criminal and Judicial disaster that is unfolding in the Province of Ontario, in regards to criminal politicians, the criminal provincial police and a criminal and corrupt judiciary is unprecedented in North American history.

Ontarians have and are witnessing a Siege of Crime perpetrated by the Liberal government of Ontario (the Criminal McGuinty/Wynne government), the OPP, and the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario that is not only destroying the economy and the Province of Ontario, and by extension all of Canada, but as well, is tearing the People apart, causing great consternation and uncertainty in the People’s lives, causing great anger and increasing anger as Justice is cast to the wayside and the Criminal Code of Canada is flushed down the toilet by the OPP and the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario.
At the very minimum, a major judicial inquiry, with the teeth to indict and charge the hundreds, if not thousands of Criminals that have participated in the Crimes of this Criminal Disaster that is masquerading as a government.
The current Criminal McGuinty/Wynne government can no longer be considered a legitimate government by virtue of the fact of their running an Organized Crime operation.
By virtue of the fact of the Criminal Laws that have been broken and not prosecuted renders the entire Provincial Police and Provincial Judicial system as illegitimate and no longer a valid and Democratic Judicial system.
The Criminal offenses of, Criminal Subversion of Democracy, Criminal Breach of Trust, Criminal Racketeering, Criminal Fraud and Robbery, Criminal Elections Fraud, Criminal Perjury and many, many other offenses under the Criminal Code of Canada have been perpetrated against the People of Ontario and Canada that on a monetary level has caused the loss from the Ontario Treasury and the People’s prosperity in the 10’s of Billions upon 10’s of Billions of $$$ Stolen, and when illegal and unwarranted largess and Payola is added, that number rises far past 100 Billion $$$.
The Evidence, in short, a 300+ Billion $$$ Debt, 10+ Billion $$$ Deficit, 10+ Billion $$$ interest on the Debt as well as pushing the People into more than 750+ Billion $$$ household debt, and 3-400+ Billion $$$ Business Debt as the Criminal Racketeering and Criminal Subversion’s of Democracy like the GEA are rapidly stealing, defrauding and looting the Lifeblood of the People and the Province of Ontario’s prosperity while dragging down the entire Nation.
Rightly, all Liberal Provincial politicians belong in Prison, many for high double decade incarcerations in maximum security penitentiaries.
As well many top OPP Commanders, top Ministry of Attorney General Prosecutors along with the Ontario Attorney General herself, Liberal friendly businesses, many Bureaucrats and top Public Union officials belong in prison as well for double decades long incarcerations.
What has happened in the Province of Ontario is Major Criminal Disaster caused by the Criminal McGuinty/Wynne government that constitutes the worst Criminal Siege in Canadian history, bar no others.
What has happened in Ontario is nothing short of a Canadian National Catastrophe, Disaster and Tragedy.
The Crimes of this Criminal McGuinty/Wynne government may never be overcome as they will effect this Province and Nation for generations.
The Media of this Nation must also get up off their gdamn rear ends and start pressing this the way full blown investigative media does when a Catastrophe and Disaster like this takes place, its time for all Men and Women to stand up and be counted as the People of Ontario have now truly lost their state of Democracy, Law and Justice.
There are 35 Million Crime victims of this Criminal Liberal government, the OPP and Judiciary, amongst myriads of others.
As each day passes and nothing is done to undo the Criminal Damage of this terrible Criminal government the outcome for the People of Ontario and Canada will become exponentially worse.
We are witnessing the undoing of Democracy, Law and Order, Justice and Accountability and the ability of Ontario and Canada to remain a Peaceful Province and Nation.
More than a decade of Crime and Law breaking has taken place by the Criminal McGuinty/Wynne government and the weight that is coming to bare on this Province and Nation is becoming an insurmountable and irreversible Catastrophe.
Like aforementioned, the very very least we need to stop the Crime and Corruption is to actually start interdicting the Crime and Corruption, making arrests, laying charges, prosecuting in Criminal Court and sending Convicts to Prison to serve their time.
In the Criminal Code of Canada, the Law stipulates that persons of trust, or in high office, government and authority will be treated and sentenced more harshly under the Criminal Code of Canada simply by virtue of the fact they are supposed to be Trustworthy.
Because of this Criminal Disaster, the worst is yet to come for Ontarians and all Canadians, and by worst, I mean this Nation is going to get torn apart by this Criminal Catastrophe.
The long road back to a Just and Democratic Province of Ontario is only going to come with Truth and Justice and the meting out Punishment like many other Nations have had to go through to regain Democracy and rid their governments of Crime and Corruption.
Unfortunately, for Ontario, the task ahead is going to be an awful process, but without this process, The People of Canada, will Lose Canada

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