Most Severe Type of Parental Alienation

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The most severe type of parental alienation is perpetrated by High Level Brainwashers (HLBs).

These parents are ruthless in their efforts to eliminate the ex from the child’s life. They spend years spinning tales of woe of what the ex did, labeling the ex every derogatory name imaginable, and doing everything possible to deny the ex physical access to “their” child.

Below is a list of the dominant characteristics and behaviors of HLBs:

-They dwell on the sins of the past. They simply cannot forgive any past grievances and ‘move on.’

-They are revenge-minded. They will commonly say things like, “I don’t get mad, I get even,” or “You’ll pay for this.” They have anger and aggression issues, and enjoy the suffering of children whom they’re supposed to protect

-They are deeply unhappy people. Overall happy and positive people don’t dwell on negatives or allow past wrongs to weigh them down

-They have one or more psychological disorders. Bipolar, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, anxiety disorders, etc

-They are frequently on medications like antidepressants to stabilize their negative moods

-They were abused or neglected as as children. The roots of an HLB’s bulldozing, narcissistic ways goes back to a dysfunctional childhood

-They are extremely selfish people. They are bad listeners, first and foremost.

-They are capable of completely disregarding the welfare of the child if it suits their own needs

-They view child as a possession. Ownership of and control over the child. They will micromanage the child’s life in the extreme

-They abuse the child on other levels. HLBs frequently physically and/or sexually abuse children as well. In short, they have no boundaries

-There is one final trait of the truly worst HLBs, and that is their narcissism. Narcissists are the absolute worst abusers and are true evil-doers at their core. They all lack a conscience…

HLBs are professionals at wrecking parent-child relationships, or any other relationship that they deem is a threat. They are masters at turning their perceived victimhood into manipulative lies intent on destroying their own child’s love for the other parent.

This mental child abuse causes lasting scars, even when the child does one day realize the fraud and lies perpetrated onto them (and 90% will).

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