Since the Confederation in 1867, Canadian citizens have been subjected to dealing directly with the self-serving and biased Lawyer’s Union to handle complaints of incompetence, greed, dishonesty, misconduct and corruption against its lawyer union members.DONATE HERE

Our governments have always washed their hands of all contact with the legal system, perhaps because most politicians are also lawyers!! Why would any politician want to restrict the powers of his own colleagues? The faults and failings of the Ontario legal/judicial system are a threat to our democracy. Citizens should not be at the whim and mercy of the Law Society of Upper Canada and its Union members.DONATE HERE
Our governments created this professional albatross of self-serving greed and then gave the Lawyer’s Union the right and monopoly to govern themselves with impunity outside the criminal code.DONATE HERE

Ordinary citizens should not be forced to police our mammoth legal system by complaining to its Lawyer’s Union. Citizens should only be complaining to their governments who created these problems and whose responsibility it is to ensure that our democratic institutions run smoothly and fairly for everyone.DONATE HERE